February Reflections

Alright, here goes another reflection. I almost forgot to do one of these. Similarly to last month, I always dread reflecting a little bit, but I always feel better when I’ve done it. Looking Back 1. Describe this past month in one word. Adventure! Celebrate 1. What or who are you most grateful for from this past … More February Reflections

Best Self Introduction

I’ve mentioned in a previous post how fascinated I’ve been with the entire wellness world. There’s so much information about it all; it can be a little overwhelming! I’m starting a new journal series on the things I learn about health and wellness. Each month I’ll focus on a different scope of wellness. This month I’m … More Best Self Introduction

January Reflections

Every morning in my inbox I receive a “roll up” from Unroll.me (seriously one of the best things to ever happen to my inbox). More recently I’ve notice more and more that my roll up is filled entirely with wellness emails about the most recent articles in the wellness world. I am fascinated by the idea … More January Reflections

Keep On Keepin’ On: Why I’m Exercising More Gratitude

Next up on my resolutions list, gratitude! Okay, confession time: I’ve been slacking on this front. I know, I know, gratitude is so easy, how could I forget? The past is the past, so let’s move on. I love gratitude. I think it’s one of the easiest things we can do to make ourselves happier. Being … More Keep On Keepin’ On: Why I’m Exercising More Gratitude